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P3 - Designing and Studying Interactions for Handheld Augmented Reality

This is an ongoing project about AR interaction methods. We are exploring the possible interactions afforded by the use of a second mobile phone as a controller for Handheld AR.

Main Project Content

Project Report

Project Presentation Video

I designed an Android app named ‘ARTWO’ to demonstrate some of these interactions. You can download the app and find out more at the following link:

ARTWO - Dual Phone AR -Home Page.

Get it on Google Play

Supplementary Content

Further ARTWO Overview Videos:

Getting Started

AR Chessboard ++

Drawing in 3D

Space InvadARs

ARTWO Screens

Figma file link (to give an idea of the hierarchy, click-through prototype coming soon)

Design Space Videos:

Interaction Space Prototypes

Initial Application Prototypes