Remote Augmented Reality Classrooms

As part of the IMXD Lab, I’m working on the ScholAR Remote Classroom project, where we’re exploring the use of Social Augmented Reality to support remote education, with a focus on mathematics education for middle school. I’m mainly involved in the research, study design, and execution aspects of the project, and also help with the technical development of the app as well.

The application helps students and teachers interact with each other as if they were in the same physical space. The following video demo would give you a better idea of what the application is capable of -

In the demo, a teacher is able to conduct a short class with 5 students using our application, and they can move around, talk to each other, and interact with 3D models as well.

Our motivation behind working on this project was to bring back the spatial and social aspects of classroom learning, something that is difficult to recreate in conventional video-call based classes. We are currently focusing on using this application to conduct short, spatial learning activities for middle school mathematics classes (such as visualising solid shapes and mensuration).

A Poster about the ScholAR Remote Project