Accessible Spatial Audio Interfaces

Update 12/05/2020: This project has come first at the Student Research Competition at CHI 2020! The submission can be accessed here.

Update 02/04/2020: I have presented this project at the March Chapter Meet of the ACM SIGCHI Mumbai Chapter. The video recording of the same can be found here.

Project Overview:

This is an image of the poster I submitted to the CHI Student Research Competition. You can watch and listen to the poster description at the youtube link below. (Open the image in a new tab for a larger version)

A video presentation of the poster can be found here.

The paper submitted to the CHI 2020 SRC is a summary of the work done in this project between July - December 2019. The full text can be found here.

Link to CHI 2020 SRC Presentation Companion Page