Spatially Sharing Selves and Surroundings using Mobile AR


Data is Yours

Cultivating Visualization Literacy for Children Through Curiosity and Play.

Spring 2022

XR Jam

Designing immersive experiences for remote musical collaboration.


Social XR Party

Leveraging Mobile Augmented Reality for remote social and spatial experiences.

Fall 2021

Design & Experiments

Musical Expression in VR

Building visual intuition of music theory concepts through responsive virtual landscapes.

Autumn 2019

ReVoice - Design Fiction

Speculative design artefacts and prototypes, from a future where all speech is suspect.

Spring 2019


An expressive digital typewriter using variable fonts and MIDI.

Spring 2019

What We Viz With

Network Data Visualization for the DVS 2019 Challenge.

Autumn 2019


Connecting Communities through Interactive Social Soundscapes and Audio Augmented Reality.

Winter 2018

Bipolar Spectacles

A series of short comic strips about life as an undergraduate student at IIT Bombay.

Autumn 2017