DualStream Companion Page - ISMAR 2023

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This is a companion page for our paper DualStream: Spatially Sharing Selves and Surroundings using Mobile Devices and Augmented Reality (Paper Session 10, ISMAR 2023).

An overview of the DualStream system. (A \& B) An illustration of how the front and rear cameras of a mobile device can be used to share information about self and surroundings with remote collaborators. The captured information is used to create 3D Holograms, Spatial Video Feeds, and Environment Snapshots. (C) DualStream being used to share information about a car's engine, while viewing a remote expert as if they were in the same location. (D) The expert viewing the shared 3D hologram of the car, and a 2D snapshot of the surrounding remote environment.

You can find the paper on arXiv or in PDF form here.

Slides: DualStream Presentation - ISMAR 2023

Video Presentation from ISMAR 2023

Supplementary Video Figure

Even more supplementary videos

Project Overview

Cross-Reality DualStream Demos